Counter Features

You will find here a step-by-step on how to use some of the main features of the app. 

Global Counter

Number of Rows

Follow your global progression

Indicating the total number of rows allows you to know at any time how much you have knit and how far you are from completion.


Add little reminders

Configure comments to show up at a given row. Perfect to remind you of a color change or a new pattern start.

Average number of stitches 

How many stitches did you knit?

Giving an average of the number of stitches per row, so you will be able to know how many stitches you have knit!

Secondary Counters

Reset after this row

Repeat every X rows

If your pattern includes actions to repeat every X rows, configure a secondary counter to follow these repetitions.

Show number of resets

Keep track of the repetitions 

Tick that box if you want to see the number of repetitions.

Link with Global Counter

No need to increment twice! 

Per default, your secondary counters will increment automatically when you increment the global counter. You can disable this any time, there and there. 

Activate Secoundary Counter on a given range of the Main Counter

Enable Expert Mode

To access the feature

Enable Expert Mode in the app settings. Then, going back to your Secondary Counter settings, you will see a new line "Activate on Specific range..."

Set the desired range

Indicate at which row this Secondary Counter should be activated, and at which row it should be deactivated.

Work on your project

The counter will appear only when activated

You will start seing this secondary counter when the global counter reaches the start of the range you previously set. 

You are not sure how to best set up your global and secondary counters to follow your pattern easily? We have created a page of examples to help you find the best configuration



Create Parts

To create a new part, just tap the grey +.
You can then tap on the part you want to edit.
What are parts? See more detais here >


Duplicate Parts

To duplicate a part, first enable Expert Mode in the general settings. Then on the Edit Counters Screen, select the Part you want to duplicate, and tap the blue duplicate icon at the bottom left of the screen.


Switch Parts while working on your project

Tap on Part x if you didn't import a pattern, or on the rounded icon as you see in the right screenshot above if you imported a pattern.


Where to find it 

Activate Widget

Find the Widget on the top right corner of your counter settings of your project.
Please note: Widget is only available for Android

Enable Widget

You need to enable Widget once in settings

If you activate the Widget for the first time, you need to select "Row Counter" in the List of all your apps. Then turn on "Allow display over other apps". Done!

Use your counter over other apps

Now you can use your counter while also using other app e.g. while watching a tutorial on YouTube. Drag the counter on the display to any place. 



Global Stash

Add Global Stash to the app by tapping the small white woolball icon on your profile
You can add Needle and Yarn Stash


Import from Ravelry

If you already entered your stash on Ravelry, you can import it directly to the app.


Create Stash

If your stash is not on Ravelry, you can create it in the app. You can search for your yarn on Ravelry to import automatically all yarn details, instead of entering it manually


Assign Stash to a project

Doing a long tap on your project, you can access its details. There, tap on See Yarn or See Needles to add stash to it.


Select or Create Stash

If you already have stash in the app, just select it, otherwise you can from there create a new stash (tap create).


Indicate the amount you want to assign

You can assign part of the stash to the project. Select which unit you want to use (skein, meters...) and enter the amount. Then tap ok.

Expert Mode

Enable Expert Mode 

Access more features

Tick the box in Settings in order to access more features...

More features for Secondary Counters

Expert Mode

Click on the yellow lightning icon to access some of the expert features for the secondary counters

Hide & Duplicate 

Expert Mode 

You can hide a secondary counter for a while. To make it reappear, just click on the grey eye. Clicking on "Duplicate" will create an exact copy of an existing counter.

Order your Counters

Expert Mode

Long click on a secondary counter to change its order. This will reflect on your knitting screen.

Change Starting Value

Expert Mode 

By default, all counters starts at "1". You can change it for each counters. In "Settings" you can also set the default value to "0".

More Expert Features

Are you missing something? 

Don't hesitate to share with us your ideas at

PDF Conversion

Convert Web-page pattern to PDF

Enjoy all app features

Highighter, annotations can't be used on web-pages. Therefore, you can convert the web-page you imported to a PDF. 
Click on the 2 arrows button, and then on the blue button as above.

Converted PDF

No more ads. 

Confirm that you want to convert the web-page to a PDF. The PDF will be slightly different from the webpage, but it should contain all texts and pictures. Most ads will be removed during the conversion.

Switch back to the web-version

Whenever you want. 

If you are not satisfied with the PDF version, you can always switch back to the original web-page, as shown in the screenshot above.

Apple Watch


Increment the counters from your Apple Watch

Users with watches supporting watchOS 5 or above can control the app from their Apple Watch

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Global Counter

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