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Although you can configure the counters as you like, the global counter is generaly used to follow your global progression on the item/part that you are knitting. Just increment each time you finished a row, to easily keep track of where you are in your pattern and avoid mistakes. Learn More >

If, for instance, your pattern states: knit 3 rows; knit 2 together the entire row; repeat this 4 times. You can configure a secondary counter to reset at 4, show the number of reset, and add a comment to show at row #4 that says "knit 2 together". Per default, the secondary counters are linked to the global counter. Therefore, incrementing the global counter will also increment your secondary counter. Learn More >

See other examples to help you set-up your counters >

For instance, if your pattern says: *1 row: purl; 2 rows Stockinette stitches; 1 row 1x1 rib; 2 rows Stockinette stitches* Repeat 4 times. You can configure a secondary counter to reset at 6 (total number of rows in the sequence to repeat), show the number of reset (to stop after the 4th repetition), and add the following comments:
"purl" at row #1 ; "Stockinette" at row #2; "Stockinette" at row #3; "1x1 rib" at row #4 and "Stockinette" again at row #5 and #6. 
Per default, the secondary counters are linked to the global counter. Therefore, incrementing the global counter will also increment your secondary counter.
Learn More >

See other examples to help you set-up your counters >

To reset the Global Counter, go to the counter setting screen, and click on the blue icon next to the pen. 
To reset a secondary Counter, enable the expert mode, and click on the yellow icon. 

Yes! On the profile screen, click on the 3 little white dots, then click on Settings. You can there tick a box to make all counters start at 0 per default.

For each global or secondary counters, you have the possibility to create comments and define at which row/number of that global/secondary counter they will appear. To do this, go to the settings of the related counter, write a comment in the comment section, then click on "#" and enter the related row/number. 

Project Parts

Within one project, in the counter settings you have the possibility to create several parts for your project. 

Each part should correspond to one piece of the item you are knitting/crocheting. 
For instance: A typical sweater would have 5 parts: 
- Part 1: Front
- Part 2: Back
- Part 3: Sleeve 1
- Part 4: Sleeve 2
- Part 5: Neckband

By default, a new project has only 1 part, but when needed you can add more parts to your project. 

Each Part has its own Global Counter, and you can create Seconday Counters specific to each parts as well. 

This can be very useful when you are making complex items, made out of several pieces that you will later sew together:

- Global Counter: With the global counter of each part (=piece) you will follow your global progression (at which row you are on that piece)
- Secondary Counters: Having secondary counters specific to each part helps you keep things organized, and only see the secondary counters that are relevant to the piece you are working on. 

In the counter settings of your project, at the top of the screen, you will see "Part 1" followed by a "+" on the right. 
Click on the "+".

More details with screenshots here >

If you set the Number of Rows of your Global counter, the app will switch automatically to the next part, after you reach the last row of the part you are working on. 

If you don't set the Number of Rows (or wish to change part before reaching the end of your current part), you can switch parts in the screen where you knit/crochet: 
- If you have imported your pattern in the app : tap the rounded button with a number, located on the right side of the screen. 
- if you haven't imported a pattern: tap on Part X, in blue, below your project's name. 
You can there swith to any part you want. 

See more details with screenshots >

How to duplicate parts?
- enable Expert mode in the general settings
- In the Counter Settings of your project, you will see a duplicate blue icon in the bottom left corner.
- Ensure you are on the part that you want to duplicate, and tap this icon

Why duplicate parts?
This can be very useful if you are knitting sleeves, crocheting legs... You can create a part for Sleeve 1, duplicate it and use the duplicate for Sleeve 2.

See more details with Screenshots here >

Pattern Import

When you are in the project screen, click on the “import pattern button”.
Then, select the source depending on where your pattern file is located.

You can import:
PDF patterns that are downloadable from Ravelry, Lovecrafts or another website. 
Patterns on a web page: to do this, click on the import pattern icon, select the source "from Web", then you will see a search page. Use that search page to find the page that you want to import, and when you are on it tap the blue arrow button at the bottom left, and then tap import this page. 
Video patterns: click on the web source, go to Youtube and download the page of the desired video.
Photo: click on the source Camera, and take a picture or import a picture from your device library. 

If you need to import several pictures to your project, first use your usual camera app to take all the necessary pictures, then go to the app, select the "Import Photo" feature, then select "From gallery" and select the pictures you need.
On Android, press long on the first picture to be able to import several pictures.

Ravelry is a website dedicated to knitting. You can find there tons of inspirations, patterns available for free or for a little fee. You need to create an account on Ravelry in order to browse and download patterns.

From your project screen, click on the import pattern button.

If you do not have a Ravelry account yet, click on Search Ravelry, then create an account by clicking the Join now button.
If you already have a Ravelry account, click either on Search Ravelry or Ravelry library then log in with your Ravelry credentials.

Search Ravelry: search for free Ravelry patterns. Simply enter keywords on the top text input.

Ravelry library: patterns you saved to your Ravelry library, for example patterns you bought on the Ravelry website. 

Yes, if you select the source Photo, you will be able to take or import pictures from your magazine patterns. If it takes several pictures to import the entire pattern, take the pictures first, then select the source Photo and the option Gallery. That way you will be able to import several pictures.

Currently not possible on iOS, following instructions are for Android:
From your project screen, click on the “import pattern” button, then select My Device. Click on the 3 lines on the left corner then select Drive. 

Knitting Screen

(Premium feature) From your project screen, click long where you want to add the annotation, enter the text you want, then click on the save button (On Android, you might want to touch the back button on the bottom part of your phone’s screen to make the keyboard disappear). 

You need first to enable the expert mode. Then go to the counter setting screen, click on the yellow icon of the counter you want to hide, and click on Hide. Learn More >

We configured 3 sizes. To make the counters bigger/smaller, go your profile screen, click on the 3 white dots, and then on Settings. You will see there an option to switch your counter size from normal, to small or big.

Yes you can! When you will turn the screen on again, a popup will ask you if you want to add the time passed since you turned it off. If you have been knitting, just click on Yes. If you have been doing something else, don't cheat and click on No. :)

Highlight bar: 
Once you have imported your pattern, you will see on the left side a marker icon. If you tap this icon, you will see a highlighter menu appear: 
- The 2 first icons from the left are to select the horizontal and/or vertical higlight bars. 
- The settings icon give you access to the settings page, where you can change the highlight bar color, size...

Multi-lines highlighter: 
in the highlighter menu, the 3rd icon leads you to the multi-lines highlighter tool. There, you will see your pattern: 
- you can adjust the size and position of your pattern to best see the parts that you want to highlight
- do a first long tap where you want your highlight to start
- do a second long tap where you want it to end. 
- with the arrow icon on the top right corner of the screen, you can undo a highlight at any time. 
- on the top side of the screen, you can set the size and color of your highlight (before adding them). 

Some features like the highlighter or the annotation only works on PDFs and images, not on Web-Pages. 
If you want to use them, you can convert the web-page on which your pattern is to a PDF. 
On your knitting/crocheting screen, click on the 2 blue arrows. Yu will then see a card corresponding to the web-page you imported. Click on the round blue button on the top-right corner of this card to convert it to a PDF. 

More details here >

Your Projects

To create a project: Click on the New Project tab, enter the name of your project, select if it is a knitting or crocheting project, then click ok.

To delete a project: On your profile screen, do a long click on the project you want to delete. then click on the blue bin, and confirm.

The app allows you to
- Add global Yarn & needle stash 
- Import your stash from Ravelry
- Assign stash to a specific project.

Add global Yarn & needle stash / Import from Ravelry
- Tap the white woolball icon on the top of the profile screen
- select Needle or Yarn Stash
- There, you will be given the possibility to import your stash from Ravelry
- You can as well manually add stash

Assign stash to a specific project:
- On your profile screen, do a long click on the project.
- Then, tap on See Yarn (or See Needles): 

--- If you haven't yet, you will be given the possibility to import stash from Ravelry

--- If your global stash is empty: you can add stash directly from there. You then need to assign it to the project

--- If you already added stash to the app, you can select the stash and assign the desired amount to the project

More Details here >

On your profile screen, do a long click on the project. You can then click on description to add a description, or on the camera icon to add a picture. To add more pictures, just click on the camera icon again.

On your profile screen, do a long click on your project. Then,
- Duplicate: click on the "duplicate" icon.
- Mark as Finished: click on "finish". You will be able to undo this action later if needed, on the same screen.

On your profile screen, do a long click on your project. You will then see a "Reset Timer" button.

On your profile screen, do a long click on your project. Then, click on Move to Folder. On the next screen, you will be able to create a folder and assign your project to it. 
Going back to the profile screen, you will see the newly created folder instead of your project. Click on the folder to access the projects that belong to it.

Your Account

You need to add an average number of stitch per row, in your global counter settings. That way we can calculate an aproximation of the number of stitches that you have knit. Learn More >

You need a working internet connection on both devices for the synchronization to happen. If offline, the app will still work and will synchronize when you come back online.

All devices need to be connected with the same account in the app. That way we can track all changes, and update your projects on all your devices.
You can check when was the device last synchronized by clicking on the 3 white dots on the top right corner of the projects list page, then synchronization.

To preserve battery and network usage, we only look for changes when you switch to the list of projects. You also need to allow a few seconds for the synchronization to happen. A message should appear telling you that synchronization is in progress.

If you create an account, all your projects will be saved. This will allow you to use the app and retrieve your projects on several devices, all synchronized. If you lose your mobile, your projects will be safe as well, you will be able to retrieve them as soon as you login with your account.

We know, subscriptions can be scary but remember you have a 7 day free trial period and you can cancel it at any time.
In order to maintain the app, fix bugs appearing with the evolution of your operating systems, new screen size… We need to work constantly on the app. Furthermore, we don’t want just to maintain it, we want to make it better, which takes time and daily work.
This cost us time, but also money (for the servers, translation and other services). We offered the app for free and without ads for a year until it reached a number of features that we consider worth a little fee (You can still use the app for free, you will just not have access to premium features). Without your contribution, we would lose money every month and probably couldn’t continue this wonderful project.
Support us and allow us to continue developing the app! 

We hope it helped!

If not, write us at, we will do our best to answer your question